Submit Your Song/Music Video Submission Page

As an artist, record producer, music manager or record label when you submit your music or music video to our record pool, we will then service your music to our DJ’s when the DJ’s receive your music they will listen & rate your record.
After that, we have weekly DJ conference calls that you can participate on by speaking with the DJ’s and getting real feed back on your music/record.
If the feed back on your music/record is good then we move on to the next step of getting behind the music/record to promote it.
Once every quarter we host a DJ record pool meeting to music industry people, DJ’s, record producer, entertainment managers & other music enthusiast to meet with our DJ coalition & other DJ coalitions as well.

Record Pool Music Submission

1. Dictator DJ’s Record Pool Music Servicing Fee – $35

Dictator DJ’s Record Pool Music Submission Fee For Servicing Our Record Pool For Your Single/Song Is $35
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2. Dictator DJ’s Record Pool Video Servicing Fee – $55

To have your music video serviced to our record pool there is a $55 music video servicing fee, when your video is serviced to our record pool it will be available for our DJ’s.

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3. Record Pool Music Servicing Fee (Limited Time Promo) – $20

We are running a limited time promo campaign on servicing your single to our record pool for $20. This offer is only for a limited time.
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Click link below to submit music: